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SVG Wow 2009

A collection of open web demos

Erik DahlströmErik Dahlström (Opera Software ASA)

Erik Dahlström is the SVG team leader at Opera Software ASA, where he's been working as a software developer since 2001. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University (LiTH), Sweden. Since 2005 Mr Dahlström has been the primary representative of Opera Software on the W3C SVG Working Group. He is currently the co-chair of the group.

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SVG in Internet Explorer and at Google

Brad NeubergBrad Neuberg (Google Inc., Developer Advocate)

Brad Neuberg is a developer advocate at Google for the Open Web. He is the creator of a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks for expanding the capabilities of web applications, including Dojo Storage, Dojo Offline, and Really Simple History. Brad worked with Douglas Engelbart on the HyperScope project; explored deeply collaborative web browsers with Paper Airplane; worked on one of the first web-based RSS aggregators; and was a Developer Advocate for the Gears project. He is currently focused on increasing the capability of web browsers to render vector graphics, such as SVG, through drop-in JavaScript shims. Brad also created Coworking, an international grassroots movement to establish a new kind of workspace for the self-employed.

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Beyond XHTML

Sam RubySam Ruby (IBM, STSM)

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