Conference News

October 23: Get SVG Open T-shirts and stickers

There were some people interested in the T-Shirts the organizers wore at the conference, if you'd like to buy your own you can find the SVG Open 2009 shirt on Zazzle (note that not all colours will come out perfect if you print on colored T-shirts, the orange logo colour is a little off on the light blue shirt we had; white T-Shirts should work fine). You can also get the stickers: with the SVG Open 2009 artwork or the decorative "SVG Full" logo.

October 19: SVG Open 2009 Follow-Up

The International SVG Open 2009 conference is now over and we are wrapping up loose ends and beginning to plan for 2010.

Here are a few facts about the conference:

  • There were over 125 participants from all over the globe (15 different countries)
  • Almost all browser teams were present at the conference: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Interestingly, all of these teams helped sponsor/host the conference as well.
  • We had representatives from the following projects: dojo.gfx, Raphaël, AmpleSDK, SVG Web, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Inkscape, JSXGraph and many more
  • Employees from many well-known companies attended and presented at the conference such as: Oracle, 4D, Vodafone, IBM, Google, RIM, and many others.

One major topic at the conference was the missing SVG support in IE and possible workarounds: Ajax libraries, the SVG Web Project, Google Chrome Frame, etc. While Microsoft could not discuss plans for future versions of Internet Explorer, their presence at the conference (a first!) was a very welcome change, they were warmly greeted and we will hopefully see them more engaged in the SVG community in the near future.

As usual we had panel sessions with the SVG Working Group as well as implementors (a very large panel this year!). The WG presented its current work and progress and people from the audience made productive comments regarding potential improvements and extensions. Doug Schepers presented his work on SVG Parameters while Chris Lilley talked about SVG Vector Effects.

In one of the keynotes, Google employee Brad Neuberg highlighted (see video) where Google is using SVG (Google maps, Google Docs, Visualization Toolkits, etc.) and why they like SVG. Google supports SVG through the JS/Flash-based shim (SVG Web) and through the IE plugin Google Chrome Frame. The other keynote from Sam Ruby (IBM, HTML WG co-chair) highlighted (see video) some of the problem areas that SVG may face as it gains traction alongside other HTML5 technologies. Unfortunately other presentations could not be recorded.

We also had a nice dinner event at the Computer History Museum where we had a demo of the mechanical computer "Babbage Engine", a computer designed 150 years ago, and only recently built at the beginning of the 1990s according to engineer drawings made 150 years ago!

Photos of this and past conferences can be seen on Flickr.
If you know of any blog entries, please send us a link.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this conference a success - host, sponsors, presenters, attendees, volunteers and organizers. Stay tuned for announcement of details behind SVG Open 2010, we hope to see you there!

- The SVG Open Organizers

October 3: SVG and SVG Open 2009 in the news media

SVG Open 2009 was recently mentioned in the following tech-news sites:

October 1: Papers and Presentation Files Available

You can find the papers and presentation files now at the abstracts and proceedings as well as at the speakers list. Presenters who did not submit their paper or presentation are encourage do submit the files now. Thank you!

September 24: Mozilla is a new Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce Mozilla as a silver sponsor of the conference. We now have developers or product managers from most popular webbrowser and mobile SVG viewer projects. There will be an implementor's panel at the end of day one where conference attendees can get in touch with implementor's and discuss open issues with them.

September 23: Samsung is a new Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce Samsung as a silver sponsor of the conference.

September 19: Microsoft is a new Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce Microsoft as a gold sponsor of the conference.

September 19: Dinner Menu Published

We just announced the menu for the dinner. People who did not register for the dinner event but want to join as well can still register an additional dinner event ticket or a ticket for an accompanying person. Looking forward to an interesting and relaxing event at the Computer History Museum!

September 16: IBM is a new Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce IBM as a gold sponsor of the conference.

September 9: Slippery Rock University is a new Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce another silver sponsor: Slippery Rock University (Pennsylvania) has a long-standing commitment to innovative uses of technology throughout the curriculum. Members of the computer science, geology and geography departments have been using SVG as a part of their instruction and research since 2003.

August 31: Hotel Information Available

We were able to negotiate reduced room rates at four hotels in the surroundings. We reserved blocks of rooms until mid-september. Interested conference attendees are advised to book before mid-september, using the information available at the hotel & travel page.

August 7: Conference Schedule Available

The conference schedule is now available. You may find 3 keynotes, 2 panel discussions, a lightning talk session and more than 60 regular presenations of either 30 or 15 minutes length. Please note that the schedule may still be revised in the upcoming days.

August 5: Final Registration and Payment System Available

The final registration and payment system is now available. People can pay through paypal - either by using an existing paypal account or using a credit card without a paypal login. Companies that want to pay through wire transfer please contact info (at) svgopen (dot) org to get payment details for wire transfer. The early bird deadline ends at the end of August.

July 26: Final Registration Slightly Delayed - Early Bird Registration Deadline Shifted

Due to a slight delay in the final registration and payment system we are shifting the early bird deadline to the end of August. The final registration and payment system should be available at the beginning of August.

July 17: Workshop Information

There are six workshops planned for Monday, October 5. Each workshop is 150 minutes in length, with two parallel tracks. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own laptops for hands on exercises. There will be additional PCs provided in the lab for those who cannot use their own laptiop. The workshop fee is US $70.- per person. This includes participation in up to three 150 minute workshops, lunch and coffee breaks. The workshop venue is provided by IBM. More Information, including the course abstracts and location..

July 14: Opera is a new Silver Sponsor

Opera Software is a new silver sponsor. The free Opera browser features the most complete SVG support that can be found in a webbrowser today. Opera has always been supportive of SVG. Next to being active on the W3C SVG working group and implementing a very good SVG viewer it also co-organized SVG Open 2007 in Tokyo, Japan, together with W3C Japan and Keio University.

July 12: Abstract and Speaker Lists Published

The reviewing work is now completed and we could accept 68 regular presentations with either 30 or 15 minutes length. You may now browse through the abstract or speaker lists. A big thank you to all people who submitted an abstract and to the reviewing team! We are now working on the schedule and hope to publish the initial version soon.

July 4: Workshop List Published

From the course/workshop proposals we received we picked six proposals that we hope will be interesting to the audience of SVG Open 2009. Along with the list and abstracts we also published information on the workshop venue and directions. We regret that we had to reject a number of interesting course proposal, but we only had room for six courses on a single day.

July 1: Presenter and Paper Instructions

The initial presenter and paper format instructions have been published. As usual, papers should be submitted in the structured docbook format.

July 1: Delay in the Reviewing Process

Unfortunately there is a slight delay in the reviewing process. People will be informed about acceptance at latest by Wednesday, July 8, potentially earlier. Thank you for your patience!

June 23: Looking for Hosts of Upcoming SVG Open Conferences

We are looking for potential hosts of upcoming conferences (2010 and 2011). If you are interested in organizing one of the upcoming conferences, please read the organizer FAQ and send a bidding document to info (at) svgopen dot org. If you are interested in organizing the 2010 conference, please send your proposal before the end of August 2009. Please include at least the following information in your proposal: the organizing team, the envisaged location, the envisaged date, a preliminary budget (envisaged conference fees), potential sponsors, preliminary travel/hotel information. It is highly encouraged that potential organizers have participated at at least one of the past SVG Open conferences. Thank you for considering the organization of an upcoming SVG Open conference!

June 23: Workshop Location and Date Fixed

The traditional SVG Open workshop day will be held on Monday October 5, just after the main conference. The workshops will be hosted by IBM at it's North First Street office complex. Exact time, course schedule and prices are still being worked on.

June 3: Twitter #hashtag

The official SVG Open twitter #hashtag for the SVG Open is #svgopen. Thanks for including #svgopen in your tweets related to SVG Open!

June 1: Abstract Submission Period Ended

We received 75 abstracts next to the two keynotes. We'd like to thank all of the submitters and are looking forward to arranging a very interesting schedule with the submissions we received. The reviewing period has just started and submitters will be informed about the acceptance, along with reviewing comments, on June 26 at lastest, potentially earlier. If you have a late submission that could not make it in time, please contact info (at) svgopen (dot) org to see if there is still room. A few very interesting submissions may still be accepted.

May 31: Password Resetting Function Available

If you happen to forget your SVG Open 2009 password there is now a lost password function available.

May 20: Conference Fees

The conference fees are now published.

May 17: Sponsorship and Supporter Information

Sponsorship package and supporter information is now available. The OpenAjax Alliance is our second supporter.

May 15: Extension of the Abstract Submission Deadline

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to May 31 to allow more people to send in abstracts who might have just heard about the conference. Publicity about the conference is increasing. Thank you to everyone who has already sent in abstracts! We already have a wide range of interesting abstract contributions and more are coming in.

May 4: SVG Header Graphics

Finally, we introduced a SVG version of our header graphics. This graphics was created with Inkscape by Jozef Legény and further improved with SVG scour and manually by the people listed at the about SVG Open page. Thanks to all people who contributed!

April 21: Abstract Submission System Available

You can now (pre-)register and submit your presentation/paper and course abstracts. Please don't forget that the submission deadline is May 15. Thank you for your contribution!

April 19: First Keynote Speakers Announced

The first two keynote speakers, Brad Neuberg (Google) and Sam Ruby (IBM), have been announced along with their short biographies. Please note that keynote titles and short abstracts are still being worked on.

March 30: SVG Open 2009 Website going Online

The SVG Open 2009 website is published with first information on the conference:

  • First information on the venue
  • Conference date
  • Call for participation: papers and courses/workshops
  • Conference committees and organizers announced