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Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is still subject to change in the next couple days.

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Day 1: August 26 Day 2: August 27 Day 3: August 28 Day 4: August 29

Day 1: August 26

TimeTrack 1, Room Kaiser Karl IV. Track 2, Room Kaiser Maximilian
09:00 Opening
09:30 Opening Keynotes
09:30 SVG Everywhere!
Andrew Emmons
10:15 How Ajax Changes the Game for SVG
Jon Ferraiolo
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 SVG Viewer Implementations
Session Chair: Bruce Rindahl
SVG Generation
Session Chair: Andreas Neumann
11:30 Opera web tech update
Erik Dahlström
A Novel SVG Application In UML System Modelling
Louis Ling
Sellappan Palaniappan
12:00 SVG and Mozilla
Jonathan Watt
How to translate SVG documents for viewing them with any Flash player
Gildas Trebaol
12:30 The Renesis Technology
Alexander Adam
Using Flash to implement SVG and its application to XML Slidy
Dave Raggett
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 GUI Frameworks for Web Applications
Session Chair: Cameron McCormack
Business Cases and Case Studies
Session Chair: David Dailey
14:30 Achieving 3D Effects with SVG
Jun Fujisawa
Anthony Grasso
Evaluating the Quality of Multiple-Choice Tests with Automatically Generated Visualizations
Dennis Toddenroth
Thomas Frankewitsch
15:00 The Lively Kernel Web Application Framework.
Krzysztof Palacz
Daniel Ingalls
SVG and the Preservation of Vector Images
David Duce
Mike Coyne
Bob Hopgood
15:30 SVG, layered user interfaces and end to end models
Dave Raggett
SVG, Silverlight, and Flex: Similarities and Differences
Tobias Hauser
16:00 SVG for Automotive User Interfaces
Jean-Marc Temmos
Sébastien Boisgérault
Mohamad Othman Abdallah
Offline SQLiteSVG database applications with Firefox
Klaus Förster
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Panel Session
17:00 SVG WG panel
Erik Dahlström
19:00 Dinner Event

Day 2: August 27

TimeTrack 1, Room Kaiser Karl IV. Track 2, Room Kaiser Maximilian
09:00 Keynotes
09:00 Inkscape: Open SVG Creation for All
Jon A. Cruz
09:45 Why SVG is going to be popular
Alexander Adam
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Web Mapping and GIS
Session Chair: Andreas Neumann
SVG for Technical Documentation
Session Chair: Doug Schepers
11:00 Web Mapping and WebGIS: do we actually need to use SVG?
Vyron Antoniou
SEDUX: Simple Event Display Using Xslt
Shaun Roe
11:30 Building a Customized GIS Interface using SVG
Bruce Rindahl
Lori Torikai
Translating SVG with XLIFF and Open Standards
Bryan Schnabel
12:00 Geological Report Information System
Juliana Neumann-Williams
SVG Accessibility Issues
Christophe Strobbe
12:15 Visualization of GPS tracks with SVG
Olaf Schnabel
12:30 Online tools facilities for historical earthquake data investigation
Mario Locati
Andrea Cassera
12:45 A map with the potential evolution of fasciola hepatica in switzerland
Tobias Dahinden
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Web Mapping and GIS
Session Chair: Olaf Schnabel
Authoring Tools and Techniques
Session Chair: Dave Raggett
14:30 SVG Web Mapping
Dorothee Langfeld
Ralf Kunze
Oliver Vornberger
Color Management, Open Source, and Inkscape
Jon A. Cruz
15:00 MapViewSVG - an extension for ESRI GIS and Mapping Software
Ruth Lang
Armin Müller
Bitmap to Vector Conversion for Multi-level Analysis and Visualization
Darren MacDonald
Jochen Lang
15:30 SUAS MapServer - an Open Source, SVG-oriented Framework for extended Web Map Services
Franz-Josef Behr
Hui Li
Scalable Vector Graphics to the Extreme
Abraham Rodríguez Mota
Anthony Cowling
16:00 High-Performance GML to SVG Transformation for the Visual Presentation of Geographic Data in Web-Based Mapping Systems
Ken Herdy
Rob Cameron
SVG: a key element in achieving product differentiation & competitive advantage in the DVB market
Joe Prosser
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Panel Session
17:00 Implementors Panel
Doug Schepers

Day 3: August 28

TimeTrack 1, Room Kaiser Karl IV. Track 2, Room Kaiser Maximilian
09:00 Web Mapping and GIS
Session Chair: Juliana Neumann-Williams
Business Cases and Case Studies
Session Chair: Jerrold Maddox
09:00 Real time monitor in SVG: a use case in Machining Technology HMI
Alex Mufatti
Carlo Ballabio
Marco Beretta
Domenico Fabiano
Fabio M. Ghislandi
Francesco Rigillo
Giulio Roggero
Gabriele Sozzi
09:30 SVG and Geo Web Services for visualization of time series data of flood risk
Barend Köbben
Visualization and interaction with Synoptics
Helder Magalhães
Paulo Rodrigues
A. Augusto Sousa
10:00 An Extension of Spatial Functionality for SVG Specification
Yan Li
Yang Cao
Guobin Chi
Haosheng Huang
Schemax Calendar – An SVG-based calendar application
Simon Shutter
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Web Mapping and GIS
Session Chair: Barend Köbben
Interactivity and Scripting
Session Chair: Klaus Förster
11:00 An SVG-based method to support spatial analysis in Web environment
Haosheng Huang
Yan Li
Building an SVG Interface to MediaWiki
Peter Edwards
Nat Goodden
11:30 Generating SVG weather maps and meteorological graphs using Magics++
Stephan Siemen
Zack Rusin
12:00 Present and future of web graphics
Eugene Lazutkin
12:30 How to create an AJAX photo gallery in SVG
Erik Dahlström
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Mobile SVG Solutions
Session Chair: Anthony Grasso
Graphic Design with SVG
Session Chair: Ruud Steltenpool
14:30 Developing Mobile AJAX style solutions using SVG
Torkel Hambraeus
The Edges of Plausibility
David Dailey
15:00 JSR287: Rich Media Applications for Mobile with Scalable Vector Graphics
Jarmo Korhonen
Tricks of Javascript and declarative animation
Erik Dahlström
15:30 Mobile SVG Performance: Introducing Tiered SVG Benchmarks
Robert Woodford
Unicode geometric shapes, design and SVG
Jerrold Maddox
15:45 Reporting with XSL-FO SVG and Apache FOP
Andreas Neumann
16:00 Online Collaborative Computing in mobiles devices through SVG Platform
Manti Bose
Putting PPT slides in your pocket
Thomas Buck
Bernardo Camargo Silva
17:00 Coffee Break
17:30 Closing Keynote

Day 4: August 29

TimeTrack 3, Room Salon Hans Sachs Track 4, Room Salon Behaim
08:30 Workshop
Introduction to Inkscape
Jon A. Cruz
Build an offline SQLiteSVG application with Firefox
Klaus Förster
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Workshop
SVG 101
Ruud Steltenpool
Eugene Lazutkin
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Workshop
ECMAScript Bootcamp for SVG Developers
Tobias Hauser
Filter Effects in SVG
David Dailey

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Day 1: August 26 Day 2: August 27 Day 3: August 28 Day 4: August 29

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